Anyone who plans on working in the private security industry should consider SIA training and getting licenced for their qualifications to be recognised. Individuals who are able to get their front-line licence means that they received training to the right level. These people have a higher chance of landing a job and can also earn more compared to those who aren’t licenced.

Taking a door supervisor course should be considered by anyone who wants to work as one in a licenced premise. A licenced premise is one that’s practically open to the public and provides regulated entertainment or sells alcohol. By undergoing a strict training programme, you are ensuring your future employer that you received the right training and gained the necessary skills in order to perform a great job. If you are a CCTV operative, you are still required to get a licence. Speaking of requirements, in order to be licenced, you’ll need to be at least eighteen years of age, undergo training, pass a criminal record and identity check as well.

Prior to applying for your licence, it’s necessary that you obtain a qualification in door supervision that’s recognised by the SIA. This qualification can be obtained by taking four training modules and passing three examinations. Keep in mind that the security training you will undergo takes a minimum of four days to complete. You will undergo several sessions with modules centring on “Conflict Management,” “Physical Intervention Skills,” “Common Security Industry Knowledge,” and “Door Supervisor Specialist.”

All in all, SIA Training is a necessary thing and step to take especially if you want to have a career in the security industry. By undergoing training, you get qualified and have better chances of being hired. Keep in mind that it’s very important to take the training very seriously and do your best to prove that you’re cut out for this job.