More than 140 decades back, Harry Pointer was the first photographer to catch a funny cat picture. Obviously pet photography has been around since the birth of their first camera. Here are 20 inspirational and fun pet photography ideas that will make you go”awww” and wish to picture some fuzzy friends also! 20. Pounce! If you’re looking for something really cute, consider the’Pounce’ job by Seth Casteel. The photographer captures pictures of leaping wolves, together with expressions to die for. This may be a project for those who have a whole lot of patience, but consider me. It’ll be well worth it in the end. 19. Wet Dogs Among my favorite jobs is’Wet Dogs’ from Sophie Gamand. It is a really simple idea with a huge payoff. All you will need is some water and soap. That is a thing easily done when washing your pet. Luckily, unlike cats, dogs love water. 18. Pets in Human Situations Putting animals in human situations makes for good pet photography thoughts. This image by Jamie Street shows a dog sitting on a stool with glasses. He has a book open about puppies. These are images that 90% of the internet will adore. Another 10% are cat people. 17. Details if you’re seeking something much more different than everyday pet photography 12 Funny Pet Photography Ideas thoughts, go for the particulars. This picture by Ruby Schmank reveals a dozing dog’s feet up near. Rather than revealing the whole puppy, details leave more to the imagination. This is the best opportunity to use a shallow depth of field. 16. Pets and Owners It is frequently true that pets look like and imitate their owners. So, why don’t you catch them collectively? This image was recorded by Alicia Jones, revealing a boy and his dog jointly. Not only is that a very simple notion, but you will have many examples no matter where you reside. Almost everybody has a pet of one type or another. And they will love a complimentary picture of these. 15. Hair of the Dog One of the most interesting job series we found was close-ups of pet hair and texture. This creates very interesting and abstract pet photography ideas. The project is brought to us by Shaina Fishman Photographyand also the next appearance at her job in this article. To replicate it, then get close to a subject that the viewer can not tell which portion of the creature you captured. 14. Dreamy Pit Bull Portraits Who knew that dogs love to dress up? Here, we find pit bulls dressed in floral designs, tearing down the stereotypes that surround this strain