Project Pokémon made a version of VBA 1.73 that adds both e-Reader and Link Cable support. While they were once available separately, this version permits the use of battle e-cards. Be sure you have "vba-over.ini" in the same folder as VBA to avoid save type issues. Not just that, but it’s entirely free. Use it to play all your Nintendo favorites, including games from the SNES, N64, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance.

Not to mention, having shortcuts for things like save and load game can be really handy. The mGBA emulator would probably be at the top of this list if the Visual Boy Advance didn’t exist.


The app is starting to get a little old, and it hasn’t been updated in a while. But it’s still pretty solid, nonetheless. EmuBox supports Nintendo DS, Playstation, SNES, Game Boy Color,andGame Boy Advance games, just in case you need to addCrash Bandicootto the mix. It not only provides players with an on-screen keypad but also allows them to customize it with a screen layout editor.

It has a lot of the same features as the EmuBox. You can speed up gameplay, use cheats, and save/load independently from the game.

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  • Such modifications were performed through POKE statements.
  • Gamers could reprogram a small part of the game before launching it.
  • The Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC range and ZX Spectrum also allowed players with the proper cartridges or Multiface add-on to freeze the running program, enter POKEs, and resume.
  • In a computer game, all numerical values are stored "as is" in memory.
  • Some games tried to detect the Multiface and refused to load if it was present.

It doesn’t havequiteas many features as the VBA, but it does allow you to save anywhere and use cheat codes. Let’s begin the list with a look at the top emulators for desktop computers. All of these support Windows out of the box, and a few even come with macOS support. We’ll let you know which ones you can use and where. Emulation tools are pretty great and you aren’t limited to just playing Nintendo Gameboy games on Linux.

There are tools that let you playPlayStation 2 games,Nintendo DS Games,Sony PSP Games, andAtari Gameson Linux. Gameboy games have a notoriously small resolution, and the default graphics settings are awful for playing games in full-screen.