“We’ve worked with a lot of security teams in the past and I have to say that Lionheart are the best around, we always know they are present, yet discreet and we would certainly recommend Lionheart”

Emily Jennings

Event Director
Entertainment Today

“Thank you to the Lionheart team for keeping us all safe and protecting our guests, they were brilliant and everyone felt safe and very comfortable with them being there”

Kym Marsh

Coronation Street

“I have been very happy with the Lionheart team since they took over our security, the customers have a good relationship with them and everyone feels very safe with them around”

Sam Pearce

Venue Manager

“I can’t thankyou enough for all what you did for us and especially how wonderfully you protected our belinda, extremely professional, approachable and friendly”

Tracey Kirby

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“Wow what an amazing company who covered our Event with professionalism, fantastic X thank you xx”

Donna Ewin

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“I went to a Robbie Williams gig where Lionheart Security were present and having got injured by the walkway of the stage one of the Lionheart team were straight over to me seeing if I was ok, getting me some water and making me feel safe despite being in pain, amazing company”

Donna Smith

Concert Attendee

“If all security were like Lionheart nights out would be amazing”

MC Chalky White


“These guys are so amazing, had 2 of them by my side throughout the event and they made me feel so safe and were also genuinely nice people. They did a fabulous job and I couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you Lionheart so much.x”

Belina Charlton

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